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2015-10-26 21:06:33 by PhatPurrito

Hey guys and girls. My name is Antonio Saenz Jr, and I'm completely new to newgrounds. Since i only made this for the Draw with Jazza COTM, but everyones art is so inspiring that I'm going to try and post more art when i can. :D


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2015-10-26 21:21:48

Welcome ! Can't wait to see what you're gona post :D

PhatPurrito responds:

Thanks! I posted a couple illustrations already. :D


2015-10-26 22:04:04

welcome! :D

PhatPurrito responds:

Thanks! :)


2015-10-26 23:14:03

welcome ya phat purrito ;)

PhatPurrito responds:

Thanks :D


2015-10-26 23:55:48

oh btw phat that animation you saw, not by me i just helped with the animation lol jsyk ;) i better see some stuff from ya soon if you're gonna be on NG more

PhatPurrito responds:

Yeah, sorry. i didnt see until after i posted. lol It was funny though